This year the amazing, wonderful Charlie Halford agreed to marry me.

And now the planning has started.

Luckily Charlie is a planner par excellence.

This year saw my sister marry my new brother-in-law Nat.

We have also recently moved to Vauxhall in Central London.

This was a deliberate move to help our ability to take advantage of this king of cities.

We are loving getting out and about into town.  Recently making the most of some fantastic Christmassy events; Carols by Candlelight at the Royal Albert Hall with Bernard Cribbins reading from Dicken’s A Christmas Carol.  It was fantastic.

And now I have time.

Time to write, time to read and meet friends that I haven’t seen for years.

The commuting lifestyle might be for me in the future but for now being in the city is just great.

I am looking forward to making new connections and refreshing older ones.

So, for now I will be trying to get out to as many networking events as I can. Reaching out to people on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter that I think would be awesome to meet.  You never know what might come of these and what benefit we can be to each other.

Have a fantastic Christmas period and looking forward to seeing you for a catch up in 2017!

James O'Donnell
James O'Donnell

James is on a mission to put the Social back into Social Media!