One of my first business ideas; Nuts About; was not a success.

When I first looked at the inter-webs I had an idea that would end up being a complete failure. I used to be a personal trainer and I wanted to create
some kind of subscription business that would make give me kind of recurring revenue from me shipping a product.

I chose to experiment with almonds. If the business had caught on I would have called it “Nuts About.” Starting with almonds I would get that working and then diversify into other nuts. Couldn’t fail right?

Research and testing the business idea first.

So before I spent £1000s on nuts and business cards etc I did a bit of research. I found some suppliers where I could source almonds and sell those on to people in little branded packages once a month. That was the idea. I put up a landing page using a free Weebly account (Great way to test out a very raw idea).

I took some photographs of some almonds. And I then I then I jumped on Facebook, put up an image of almonds. I asked “Who likes almonds?” And I got a few people liking and commenting and then I sent each of them a little direct message saying: “Hey, if I was to set up a subscription model to buy almonds, would you be interested?”

Listening to feedback to test the business idea.

They all said “No…” And that was it. The landing page probably sat there on my Weebly account for a few years. Now I am a customer of Amazon and buy almonds through their subscription solution. So Bezos and me, obviously thinking that same kind of kind of business model. 😩

The good thing about it at the time is I learnt about researching and testing business ideas before spending lots of money and time. It was probably a weekend’s work and that was it. I learnt lots about setting up of a landing page, testing a market and making a decision based on feedback.

Quick failure better than a long failure.

I tried to scratch my own itch, and see if anybody else wants to come with me. No one did. So I stopped the business, I didn’t buy any almonds. I didn’t go out and buy a tonne of almonds and then go right I need to sell these. I tested the idea went out to the market and it fell flat on its face. And now I have got a little story about nuts I can talk about.

Is there anything that you have had fall flat on its face? Any interesting stories about failed ideas? There are other ideas that I have tested that haven’t worked and others that have. It is a great model to get as fast as possible to market to see if the idea is worth more effort. Drop me a follow on Twitter via @JODonnellCoach to share!

James O'Donnell
James O'Donnell

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