Meta-skills hiring will become more important in the new economy. 

As the economy rebuilds in the wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic a lot of businesses are hiring again. This time though everyone has woken up to the idea of remote working and how the workforce needs to be even more adaptive than before. My simple advice for hiring is this; hire people that demonstrate the meta-skills needed for rapid skill acquisition. 

Meta-skills at work.

Metaskills relate to the underlying skills that you need to be successful. If you hire someone with these skills they will be more adaptable, quick to learn and grow with your business. They include skills like having energy, being awareness, readiness to learn, and someone that says β€œYes” and takes action. 

Results of hiring for meta-skills

If you hire for these skills then no matter what the situation or role that they work in you know they are going to grow. Celebrating the meta skills will help build a culture that develops a growth mindset to learning. Everyone will improve everyone will learn. And best of all your customers and products will only improve. As your team no matter their role are inquisitive and want to improve. 

If there is a choice between someone that demonstrates these skills or doesn’t I would always pick someone with this growth mindset. The person that does not demonstrate these is only going to settle with what they know and they are simply not going to grow with the business. 

New economy new opportunity

In summary, I am passionate about these underlying meta-skills when it comes to hiring. With the new economy dawning, I see these type of hiring becoming more present as access to online training and coaching opens the door to anyone with the right meta-skills to flourish in the post-pandemic world.

Let me know if you have made a hiring decision using this kind of framework and the benefits you saw.  

James O'Donnell
James O'Donnell

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