Learning how to introduce people the right way can make you stand out.

I love networking. From my time working as a recruiter all the way through being a personal trainer and now as a business owner in the social media space. Networking and more specifically being able to introduce people to each other makes me happy.

There are ways to do this that are more effective for those people that you introduce to each other. For example a completely random in public on Twitter or LinkedIn:

Hey John you should talk to Mary – she’s great!

The best possible outcome will do nothing and in the worst annoy both people. Not ideal.

Ask before introducing people.

My suggestion therefore is depending on your relationship with the two that you are looking to introduce is to use the double blind method. This does take a little longer, but usually results in better introductions and for want of a better term – no awkwardness for either party.

Before any introduction confirm with both parties that you are happy for an introduction to take place. So you ask John and Mary if they are open to receiving an introduction form you of someone that you think might be an interesting contact for one reason or another, be specific:

Hi John / Mary

Are you open to an introduction to someone that I know that works in the same sector as you that I know? I think you two would hit it off because you both like Red wine from Tuscany

(or another thing that they have in common – simply knowing you is not always going to cut it I am afraid).


This is done to both parties privately, via email, over the phone (yes they still work), or any DM that you have on Twitter or LinkedIn etc.

Making a professional introduction.

Only when you have received the blessing from both of them do you then follow up with the introduction email (is best). Again be specific but brief with the introduction.

Mary / John,

Mary meet John.

After checking in with both of you please find this email as way of introduction.

Mary – is a fantastic consultant who I have worked with before at IBM. She specialises in Digital Transformation projects in the Public Sector.

John – I have know for years as the Managing Director of Echo Consulting. They are currently tendering for a Digital Transformation contract.

As you can see I thought you two should talk!

You are both CC’d so please feel free to drop me out of the email and continue this conversation however you see fit.


And that’s it. Spending a little time cultivating your network for the benefit of others not just for yourself feels great. It can lead to fantastic relationships and being the introducer always keeps you top of mind. This is defiantly a long game though – don’t make an introduction and then in the next breath try and sell a thing or ask for an intro to Elon Musk that you notice they are connected to! Be cool.

Improving networking always.

How do you approach introductions in your network? Ever have one blow up in your face or work out particularly well? I am all ears! And although this is the method that I use I still feel there is room for improvement in the consistency and relationship building with people on my network to make these more effective.

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James O'Donnell
James O'Donnell

James is on a mission to put the Social back into Social Media!