What perceived weaknesses do you have that could be turned into a positive?

Have you ever completed a self-audit of your strengths and weaknesses? Ever thought about what you are good at and maybe other areas that you are weak and that you could turn into a positive? Sometimes this could stress you out thinking that certain weaknesses are holding you back.

However, it’s worth exploring how a supposed weakness could be turned into a positive. For the purposes of strengthening your self-belief, it is almost essential that this is how you frame a weakness. 

There are two ways to positively frame a weakness.

There is a positive benefit to being weak.

An example of a benefit from being weak in an area is not understanding something. This means that you will need to ask questions and research what that something is. By not understanding and asking questions you can actually unearth new understanding or an as yet unexplored perspective. This is of great benefit and something that I have used in multiple roles. Fresh eyes on a problem can be very helpful, rather than people who are caught in the woods of a problem. Through perspective, there are always ways of framing a weakness as a positive. 

You can improve your weakness.

Anybody can get better at anything. There is no predilection to being unable to learn and improve. Look at what you have already achieved and then look at this weakness. If you make a decision and focus on improving the weakness then you will get better at it. Maybe slowly at first but you will improve. My own recent personal example of this is touch typing a skill that I am weak at. I am actively working on this weak skill to improve the speed at which I can work.

What weaknesses have you got that you can reframe as positives and spark action?

James O'Donnell
James O'Donnell

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