Improving productivity whilst spending time with the family on holiday.

I am currently away from London enjoying a couple of weeks up in the Lake District with my family. This is the first break that my wife has had for ~6months. She has been working like a machine trust me Charlie does not need to improve her productivity. However, as a small business owner, it is very difficult int he current climate to take any time off. Clients need to be supported the business needs to adapt to the current situation; not an ideal time to take two weeks off. Although realistically is there ever a good time to take two weeks off?

So I have been applying the Pomodoro Technique at key times in the day to work through actions. First thing in the morning whilst Noah is having breakfast and evening times when Noah is having a bath. The rest of the time I am spending time with Noah and Charlie and making the most of family time.

Doubling up and improving productivity.

If it wasn’t for the Pomodoro Technique and the speed that has allowed me to take action I would not be able to work like this. Coupled with my, still developing, touch-typing skills I am able to produce and deliver content as well as keeping up with the individual outreach work that I do to build my network.

The more that I apply these techniques the better idea we have a business as to what is deliverable in what timeframes. Obviously some of the work that we do is more strategic and creative in its delivery so hyper-productivity does not necessarily impact. However, by being strict with my timing I able better able to carve times in my day to read, think and play – leading to new ideas and more creativity. Not just in a writing or style perspective but also in a systems perspective.

Increased productivity leads to a positive outlook.

I look forward to seeing how as a business Social INK applies this method of working and our output volume increases! Have you split time up whilst on holiday as a small business owner? Have you found any help that increased productivity has lead to greater creativity in output and in other areas? Any tips on improving productivity? As always, keen to hear your ideas and thoughts so drop me a note on Twitter via @JODonellCoach.

James O'Donnell
James O'Donnell

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