Most people can invest in themselves for very little cash by simply reading more.

You can buy a bestselling author’s book for less than £10!  You can then use the ideas contained to fix a bit of your life.  As a way to invest in yourself that is a bargain!

I have stacks of books that I have read in full, skimmed or even waiting for me to start.

Some I come back to again and again rereading in full (and always finding new perspectives and solutions).  Others I have favourite passages and chapters that I use for specific solutions.

The ideas and tactics that I have learned from reading continue to grow and grow.

The more I read the more that I can appreciate strategies that I can apply to my own life.

This is a subject I am sure that I will return to again.

Why don’t more people read?

A combination of distractions and invented excuses I think are the main reasons.

The internet, television and smartphones spend billions of dollars specifically to us from more worthwhile pursuits.

I am not immune to business tactics that monopolise our attention.  But I do try to read as often as I can.

I think that you want to be as present as possible to read.  Soak up as much information as you can with a notepad and pencil available to annotate and make notes.  I am aware that some people advocate that if a book is worth reading once then it’s worth reading twice.  The second time through being the time that you take notes.

I get the heavy eyelids as much as the next man when it comes to powering through books.  A problem to which I have not really found a solution to yet.

As with everything worth doing little and often is going to be much better than nothing.  So I try and fit into my daily commute reading time and 20mins or so in the evening.

Not got into the habit of reading yet?  Set yourself a target of a couple of pages a day.  Trust me after a couple of pages you’ll want to keep going.  Just that small target will help you make strides in the right direction.

What should you start reading?

Some non-fiction business books can be hard going so I always recommend Richard Branson’s Losing My Virginity as a great first book.  There is a great story and it can ignite the flame to find out more.

The book that helped to kick-start my interest in reading was Born To Run by Christopher Mcdougall, which is a book about barefoot running and an interesting critique of the running shoe industry.

Anyway, I want to read more and share my tactics for reading and what to read.

By writing about this I will have to up my reading volume and sharing and what I learn.

I am currently reading Becoming the Iceman by Wim Hoff & Justin Rosales, it’s about pushing past extreme cold weather and some eyewatering endurance records.  For anyone that knows me I am very much a fair weather guy.  From reading this I really hope to develop a tougher skin and get out to enjoy more brutal conditions.  Well the UK winter at least.

Thanks for reading, please fire me any book suggestions that you feel I would love to read.

James O'Donnell
James O'Donnell

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