Social media should be more social.

Last week I relaunched the Social Media Coffee Challenge. To put the social back into social media I want to Zoom with 100 social media connections in 2020.

I strongly believe in building stronger social connections with those people that you come across on social media. All platforms can become a happier more constructive place to exist online. All it takes is to be a little more human in your interactions.

From Social Media to a Zoom Coffee.

So earlier today I jumped on a call with Tod Hearn – @thesynergyman – for a Zoom Coffee. Tod is based in Western Australia so there was a time difference 1500 for me and 2200 for Tod. It made sense for Tod to have a glass of wine instead of a coffee! The call was a great success.

I found out more about Tod’s life. He spends his time mentoring local young adults and is the Adventure Tour Guide and Site Manager of The Ngilgi Cave. We discussed how twitter could be a platform for good in connecting people. The need for young people to build resilience, and to learn new skills to be successful in a remote world. We also touched on the idea of populations becoming more dispersed following the pandemic. And how cities had lost their allure now everyone has fast internet; even in Australia!

A great start to the Challenge!

This was such a good first call for the Zoom Coffee Challenge. And it has certainly strengthened my belief that we should all be trying to be more social on social media. Not just on Twitter but thinking about how we can connect with people better across the world. There are billions of serendipitous relationships and opportunities available across all social networks.

So today, when you start swiping through your social feeds. Think. Stop. See who you can try and have a human connection with. Be positive, tell someone why you follow them. Engage in a way that you would like reciprocated. Not everyone will and that’s not the point but pay it forward. If only a few of you take this kind of action then the internet will be a little bit nicer.

As always would love to hear about your experience in being social on social media. So please reach out on Twitter via @JODonnellCoach and say β€œHi!”

James O'Donnell
James O'Donnell

James is on a mission to put the Social back into Social Media!