I write my first blog post, maybe even get a few posts in and I just lose the enthusiasm to write.

Do I mean enthusiasm?  No.

What I mean is, I feel like I have been faking my writing.

Who am I writing to?

What’s the purpose?

My previous inspiration has come from some strange subject that just happens to be my interest of the month.

So what am I doing now you may ask?

I am going to write a blog for an even more niche audience: me.

Somewhere for me to collate my thoughts and experiences.

Somewhere for me to test my ideas and share my tactics (when and if I have any).

And then if others find what I am writing about interesting then fantastic!

But if they don’t and if I don’t get any interest then that’s also fine.  If I already have the attention of me that’s only going to help keep me writing.

Not to say that this won’t change as I continue.

If I get interest in a blog post about my failed attempts at juggling then maybe I’ll follow that audience.

But the main thing is, that I start.

My first blog post.

And as you may have noticed this is my first blog post.

(Like it so far?  I am 50/50 let’s see where it goes ;))

I am sitting in my living room on a Sunday morning halfway through a cafeteria of rich black coffee.

The sun is beaming through the Juliet balcony in my small one bedroom flat in Enfield, North London. Mozart is playing in the background.  Glorious.

I am sitting cross-legged on my awesome Yoga cushions; I will definitely write a post about them soon, they are just great.

And breathe.

So what am I going to write about?

I hope to write and share about many interesting subjects from lifestyle, fitness, education, technology, to sales and recruitment.

As often as possible I read across as many subjects as I can.

Compared to the costs of university education books are fantastic value.

Books fight for space on my shelves from recommendations to hidden gems found in charity shops.

Have I read them all cover to cover?


Do I want to create more time in my life to actively read them and others?


Do I read more than most?

I guess from the conversations that I have with a lot of people that yes I do.

This does make me sad. I have picked up so many stories, ideas and tactics from the last few books I have read.  I feel like there just isn’t enough time in my life now to put them into action.

Yet other people don’t read at all?!

(Feel a rant coming on, maybe I should leave this to another day)

I for one wish I had started reading sooner.  Unfortunately, the allure of video games can be a strong one for an 80’s child.

One day it might be interesting for me to look back and see what I was thinking about.

It doesn’t really matter as long as I keep up with the process.  I imagine that I might discover common themes and subjects that I or others find more interesting than others.

Looking for feedback.

This will be a place where I open up my thoughts and encourage constructive feedback.  I will take nothing personally.  This is just me putting it out there.  I want to improve my writing and capture my interests for the future.

I appreciate any time that you have spent reading my first blog.  If you have already made it this far drop me a follow or comment.  Additionally, I am open to any suggestions that you have for improvement or future subjects for the blog.

If you want to follow my daily musings and activities, then follow via Twitter: @JODonnellCoach

James O'Donnell
James O'Donnell

James is on a mission to put the Social back into Social Media!