How a Dad of a 14-month old does anything is beyond me.

My current morning routine is somewhat determined by Noah, my 14-month-old son. Other blogs that you read might focus on their perfect morning to get them ready for the day ahead with meditation and early morning runs. I am beholden to the whims of Noah. 

And it is great it really is. We are woken up around 0530ish most mornings with him calling for his Daddy (heart melts). I jump up and with the help of my wife, he is definitely a two-person baby, change him. I then take him downstairs for breakfast. With him, in my arms, I get his Weetabix ready and my espresso using my Nespresso machine – all one-handed. I use Grind Nespresso pods that are compostable. 

After his Weetabix we then get him dressed, have a play and by 0750 (I do not know where the time goes!), we head to the car and I take him to our awesome childminders.

Finally my morning routine can start.

Once I get home, I get working out ASAP all bodyweight stuff either pushups, squats, lunges or pull-ups. Negative pull-ups at the moment as I cannot complete a full pull-up, yet. 

I then jump in the shower and shave. The last 30 seconds I am currently able to have cold, a Wim Hoff inspired practice to get me used to the cold. In the past, I have been a weakling when it comes to the cold. 

And then I am usually downstairs in my kitchen office ready for a call at 0900.  

  • 0530 – Noah Wake Up
  • 0600 – Breakfast & Coffee
  • 0630 – Playtime
  • 0750 – Childminders
  • 0815 – Workout
  • 0840 – Shower & Shave
  • 0900 – At Desk

My future routine.

This is not meant to inspire but more of a record of where we are at in lockdown and what my morning routine looks like.

If you liked this blog I have explored what I could achieve in short burst whilst on full-time Daddy day care in my blog: What to learn today in lockdown.

As Noah gets older and sleeps in more I hope to be able to get up before him and get in my workout and maybe some writing and meditation before he wakes. Not any time soon though! 

James O'Donnell
James O'Donnell

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