Optimising for a good night’s sleep with my nighttime routine.

Even with a one year old dominating a lot of our home life I am still able to build in some routine into nighttime. The routine essentially starts once Noah is asleep around 2000. I have an alarm at 2000 to remind me to put on my blue-light glasses that reduce the impact of iPhone screens, TVs etc. I find them useful as a way of starting the relaxation routine before sleep.

If we haven’t eaten with Noah earlier then we eat – we are using HelloFresh at the moment for most of our evening meals. During the lockdown, this has been the easiest way to make sure we have meals ready to go for both of us. We might watch something on Netflix or prepare all the bottles that Noah drinks during the night. Around 3 a night currently.

Heading to bed.

When it’s time to go to bed I brush my teeth with a bamboo toothbrush. I brush for one minute with my right hand and one minute with my left hand. When I first started using my left hand it was a massive faff but over time I have become more dextrous. I have found that this has helped me use my left hand in other tasks and skills. Especially with my efforts to learn to touch-type.

Before bed, I then complete a breathing session focussing on relaxation and deep calm using Oak App from Kevin Rose. I complete this breathing exercise in a static deep squat. A good stretch follow a day of hard work!

I turn my iPhone to airplane mode. And put the phone under my pillow. I know that common advice is to keep your phone away from your bed but I use the alarm in a unique way. I have an early alarm set for 0600 – I want to try and train myself to get up even earlier and so as not to disturb Charlie I set the alarm to vibrate only. It works very well.

Reading in bed.

When in bed I reach for the Kindle which I use to read non-fiction. I am currently working through the whole Discworld Series of Novels from Terry Pratchett. After 20-30mins reading, I am ready to sleep. I pop off the blue-light glasses and am ready to sleep.

Once I close my eyes I either try and visit my mind palace to do some memory recall (more on that in another blog) or count out 40 slow breaths. I never make it to 40! I am asleep. Result!

In the past I used to have real issues getting off to sleep and staying asleep. This routine has helped a lot to ensure I get off to a deep sleep. This might be something to do with having a one year old, but the routine feels like it’s helping.

What do you do for your nighttime routine to ensure you get a good night’s sleep? Drop me a note on Twitter via @JODonnellCoach.

James O'Donnell
James O'Donnell

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