I love learning and improving my productivity.

As you may have noticed I have been investing a lot of thought into my productivity. This was because of lockdown I was looking after Noah virtually full-time. So I had to carve out pieces of work that I could complete in short bursts while Noah was snoozing. I built momentum by taking action to aid learning every day. The work that I concentrated on initially was touch-typing as a meta-skill to help me in all future tasks. Such as writing this blog.

Taking action to aid learning helped to improve my productivity.

Following that and certainly, since the return from lockdown I have been able to take more action than I before we entered lockdown. I feel more productive than ever before. I still feel that this is a journey. Something that I will need to refine and experiment with but it feels great.

One take away for anyone starting a business, new role or new project is take action. You will learn more from taking action than through endless theory.

Through learning, you can learn theory after theory but the real learning comes from application. This is where the context of the theory makes sense and where you might initially make mistakes. Which is fine because the first few iterations of whatever project you are working on is always going to be an experiment. Like this blog!

Don’t get lost as a small business owner, take action to aid learning.

As a small business owner, you can get lost trying to learn everything. In the past when I have tried to set up online businesses I got lost. Really lost trying to learn everything myself. I have seriously wasted months of my life when I should have reached out for a coach to show me the way or paid someone else – an expert to do it for me. Both of these count as taking action. And you will learn different skills from both scenarios.

Taking action to aid learning is a skill in itself and will compound over time. If even after trying something out you will learn – a simple way of auditing this is asking yourself – β€œWhat have I learned?” Do this for your wins and your loses.

What do you think about taking action like this and learning from your actions? Keen to hear your opinions. Drop me a note via Twitter on @JODonnellCoach.

James O'Donnell
James O'Donnell

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