A Challenge, Coffee & Zoom what’s not to like?

At the beginning of 2020, I made a challenge that I wanted to meet with 100 of my social media connections. In-person. For a coffee. All part of Social INK’s big push to put the Social back into Social Media. We want people to engage with their contacts and interact instead of mindless scrolling or shouting into the void.

Here is the video that I used to launch the original challenge in January:

Now it may not have escaped your attention but meeting for coffee under lockdown has not been easy. I also had a couple of months of enforced non-work whilst in full-time Daddy Day Care mode.

Work from home? Zoom Coffee from home!

Soooooooooo, as it looks like work is going to stay a work-from-home kinda deal. I am going to relaunch the 100 Coffee Challenge, with one subtle difference. It will be a Zoom Coffee Challenge instead (Probably Google Hangouts but Zoom Coffee sounds better). Not entirely revolutionary but still a relaunch is a relaunch.

It was delightful meeting my social media connections at the beginning of the year. They were some fab conversations. I learnt a lot, and I hope I was able to bring value to the connections that I met. I managed to meet 10 connections in London for a coffee. Now that I am taking the challenge to Zoom – I am sure that I can make up for lost time!

Serendipitous new connections over coffee.

Today is the 15th of July. There are 122 workdays left in 2020. So my cadence for Zoom Coffees will need to be around 1 a day. Nice achievable challenging challenge. And I really cannot wait to meet another 90 new people over the rest of the year. Who knows the serendipitous new connections and support we could be to each other in this difficult time?

Fancy a Zoom Coffee with me? Connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter and then drop me a DM!

Now, what coffee shall I buy? Seriously I want some good coffee – any good suggestions for Aeropress Grinds or Nespresso Pod favourites. I have been drinking some biodegradable blends from Grind and they are great.

James O'Donnell
James O'Donnell

James is on a mission to put the Social back into Social Media!