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My business partner Chris and I were on a Google Hangout talking about a way of kickstarting our content creation engine. We were coming out of lockdown and Noah was returning at least wartime to childminders. We needed a way to build momentum whilst we figured out what the word might look like. Chris’s idea was pretty simple – the blog-a-day challenge. Each of us from our personal websites would write a blog-a-day.

We had no set parameters or word limits. The idea was simply to create. Write whatever was top of mind and share it. Personally, this was a big challenge for me and has certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone.

Writing every day for a blog-a-day.

Although I have had this blog for years it has been far from a consistent channel for me. I have written when inspiration has struck rather than making writing a part of my daily habit. I have been much more prolific on YouTube, Twitter and even LinkedIn in the past.

The challenge has made me write, made me think and made me create every day. Has my writing improved? I don’t know; I feel like the words flow easier and I produce the content a lot quicker than I have done before. This increased might be supported through the other work that I have been doing to improve my productivity especially the Pomodoro Technique, touch-typing and sets of pushups! I have managed to continue writing even when away with my family on holiday.

What next?

So the question that I need to ask myself is am I going to continue writing a blog-a-day after the challenge ends in 4 days? I think that I will the 25mins I spend writing and then publishing the blog it feels like a good practice to continue. Should I batch the writing or continue with writing each day? What subjects should I double down on?

Once the challenge is completed I will look at which blog ideas have generated the most interest. Although I will always write what is top of mind and long-term what I want to share with my family for years to come.

Drop me a note with any thoughts on this challenge on Twitter via @JODonnellCoach. And check out my YouTube Channel which I think will be where I am going to be sharing more videos in the next month.

James O'Donnell
James O'Donnell

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