For my difficult second blog post, I am going to talk about time.

The time I have had to find to write this blog.

The time it takes me to commute to and from work every day.

The competing pressures on my time.

The self-talk that leads to inaction.

Making it happen.Β  Again and again.

Time has been on my mind and is helping and hindering me in making difficult decisions in my life.

Who am I blogging for?

As I described in my first blog I was going to blog for me.

No one else.

Just me.

And I enjoy writing.

I really do.

But I had struggled to find the time.

Let me rephrase that; I had struggled to find the right time.

I have had plenty of time for the difficult second blog.

But now is the time that I have had in my head to sit and write.

I am sitting at my desk at half past seven on a Monday evening.

Charlie is preparing what I am sure will be a most excellent salmon dinner.

And I have decided that now is the time.

It is refreshing not to turn on the TV.Β  I feel relaxed and happy.

How do I use my time?

I have a minimum of a 1h30 commute each way to work.

I try and stay productive onΒ my commute through reading, podcasts and audiobooks.

But that’s still 3hrs a day.

15hrs a week.

60hrs a month squashed into a train.

This is a time drag that I need to fix.

Because commuting uses your energy not just your time.

I am working on a fix, just not sure what this will be yet.

As I come to my 35th birthday the competing demands on my time are only going to become more unavoidable.

Instead of switching off my brain with the latest Netflix binge I will make a conscious decision and write.

Making a commitment to write.

I am making a commitment here to write to help me improve my skills in my time.Β  I hope to improve my future decisions when I think about how I am going to spend my time.

There are a million different books on managing your time and making decisions.

The act of doing though is easy.

The deliberate decision to simply create something is better than the self-talk about creating something without actually doing it.

And so here it is.

All I need to do is to make the decision as often as I can toΒ create something.

James O'Donnell
James O'Donnell

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