The VLOG started in late 2016

Back in December 2016, I started a VLOG. It was nothing special just an experiment to see if I could do it. I love stepping out of my comfort zone and thought this would really challenge myself. You can see my first super short vlog HERE. After a few videos, I got into the swing of vlogging, editing uploading. It was something that, looking back, took up a lot of my spare time (Sorry Charlie).

What was my inspiration for starting a VLOG?

The idea was kick-started by a chapter in Tim Ferriss’s book Tools of Titans. On page 217 Tim interviews Casey Neistat. For those of you who don’t know who Casey Neistat is; he is an incredibly talented filmmaker who makes engaging vlogs on his YouTube channel. Inspired by the daily vlogs that Casey was doing I thought sure; I have an iPhone and love a challenge lets give it a go. 

As I continued to play around with the vlog and experiment with different cameras, selfie stick shot types etc. I realised that there was another reason that I was shooting the vlog. It wasn’t so I could get away with wearing my red sunglasses everywhere I went. Although there may be some truth in that. It was that I was documenting a moment in my life. A moment that could be shared with my family for years to come. At the time my grandfather was in his 90’s. I realised that I only really knew him as an older man. The only record of what he was like when he was younger is a few grainy black and white photos. Nothing that really spoke to me about what he was like, what made him laugh or cry. 

Capturing a moment in time.

And so the videos increased and I kept posting. Although the all-important views were pretty flat. I felt like I was capturing key moments in time that I could share with my family. After around 50 or so videos I stepped away from the daily vlogs and now only post occasionally. Although I will be posting more content in the coming weeks.

A true vlog capturing all that you do in a day is a tough ask. Even Casey has now prioritised his family over the grind of getting out a new vlog every day. He was a bit more successful than me – a few hundred vlogs with 100’s of millions of views. 

All the videos are still up on YouTube. I hope Noah will someday look back and realise Dad wasn’t always such stick in the mud. 

You can head over to my Youtube Channel and watch some old vlogs if you want. Or subscribe for more videos in the coming weeks.  

Have you challenged yourself to do something that you found you really liked? Or realised you were doing it for another reason?

James O'Donnell
James O'Donnell

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