Why do you wear the red sunglasses?

People often ask me why I wear my red sunglasses. So I thought it is a good idea to share in a post that I can direct people to. 

The sunglasses was not a calculated move. I didnโ€™t head out and buy the red sunnies as a thing that I would wear. 

Client selfies wearing the red sunglasses.

Whilst I worked at LDN Apprenticeships I would meet 100s of new employers that were keen to hire a new apprentice. As the Sales Director, I would be the one to meet with them. At the end of each of the meetings, I would take a selfie with them to post to social media to celebrate their involvement in the apprenticeship programme.

At one of these meetings, I cannot remember which one, it was sunny; so I put my sunglasses on. And that post got more engagement than my other posts had done. So for the next selfie, I put the sunnies on again, and again and again until it became a thing. So much in fact that clients would look forward to the sunglass selfie at the end (some not all!). 

VLOG for the win.

Around the same time I started with the selfies I started a personal VLOG after reading about Casey Neistat in Tim Ferrissโ€™s book Tribe of Mentors – Casey recommended at the time that everyone start a VLOG. I will talk more about the VLOG in another blog. During his vlogs, Casey also wears his trademark sunglasses. Otherwise with the way the lens is set up it looks like you are looking off-screen. Sunglasses fix this problem. 

Over time the sunglasses have become a bit of a calling card and it works. I remember a story that a founder shared (I cannot remember his name and will add later if I do), who was at a pitch day to investors and decided before his pitch at the last moment to throw in a cowboy hat. Later that evening at the drinks reception the investors who had seen 100s of pitches that day was struggling to differentiate them – but they remembered the cowboy hat. 

Sunglasses for personal branding.

Do the sunglasses add to my message? I donโ€™t know. But they are fun people certainly remember me. There is substance behind what I talk as well but the sunglasses are a great way to get attention and cut through the noise. 

Now please donโ€™t all head out and buy red sunglasses – that would be weird. But think about how you are differentiating your messaging in a way that aligns with your brand. 

I even wore the red sunnies for the photo celebrating getting engaged to my wife – which I wrote about in 2016. Although they did not make an appearance at the wedding, Youโ€™ll see most photos of the sunnies on my Instagram and if you want to support the VLOG – where I will be posting new videos soo head over to my YouTube Channel.

James O'Donnell
James O'Donnell

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